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[at-l] Hiking dates for northeast A.T.

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"My wife and I are thinking of
hiking only the northern part of the Trail, ending in Maine. We're not
real sure where we're going to start yet. We were thinking of either
hiking in May/June or July/August. Any suggestions on which of these
times would be best weather wise?"

Hello, and welcome
 August is the best AT hiking weather month in Maine.
 I'll be heading south from Katahdin the second week of June. Experience says
the blackflies will be thick so I'll be carrying 100% deet, a head net, and
netting to sleep under if I use shelters. The water will be very high, this
past June Hurd brook (first ford southbound) was waist deep, fast, difficult,
and cold. That's hard for GA>MEs to believe, because it's only a rock-hop
come September. Further south, beaver dams will flood parts of the trail,
muddy logging roads make hitches out impossible, East Branch lean-to will
become an island after storms, Cloud Pond lean-to will become home to a
squadron of pigeon sized mosquitoes, Big Wilson Stream becomes Maine's
wickedest ford, and... it's all good. The Maine woods in late Spring are a
delight-full, wonder-full, place to be. You'll have a blast when ever you get
here, just prepare well and dive in!