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[at-l] Art Loeb Trail

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Hey Dan.

I live about a half hour away from the Parkway and Pisgah and it's one of my
favorite areas on this earth!!! Climbing Cold Mountain, Black Balsam,
Tennant and Grassy Cove got my boyfriend and I started on the 40 over 6000.
We now have 27, and spent a four day backpack in GSMNP intending on getting
some more of the peaks in there.  We have climbed Old Black, Guyot, Luftee,
Cataloochee, Sequoyah.  Chapman beat us as it got dark before we could
summit, so we are going back to do that one, but the one that really looks
to be a doozy! is Marks Knob.  Any hints?  We were going to try for it, but
after looking at it and at the topos we were afraid it would take many more
hours than we originally intended.

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> Jan wrote:
> >> At only 30 miles, the AL trail is very doable for a weekend warrior. It
> said to start at Davidson River camp, and end on Cold Mountain. It's above
> feet for most of it. For a while, it runs in conjunction with the
> to the Sea Trail, another one of my future lusts, if the AT doesn't break
> <<
> >> From close to the Black Balsam parking area, the Art Loeb Trail will
> you up to Black Balsam, Tennent Mountain, Ivestor Gap, and then into the
> Shining Rock Wilderness Area. Heading left (west) will take you to
> Bald, the spectacular, 4-state-view, 360-degree panorama of Devil's
> Courthouse, and after crossing highway 215, the Middle Prong Wilderness
> Anyone here done it?  <<
> Gutsy (Gail) and I hiked the Art Loeb Trail in Nov. 1995, accompanied by
> Tagliapietra, author of The Southern Sixers, a great book for peak
> I think it was my first multi-day backpacking trip.  We live in SC, less
> 30 miles from Brevard, NC.  Gail cooked a big Thanksgiving dinner and
> about 20 people early in the afternoon.  Taking along some leftovers, we
> started hiking after dark at the northern terminus of the Art Loeb Trail,
> near Camp Daniel Boone.
> The next day at Deep Gap, 3.8 miles from the trailhead, we turned left on
> 1.5-mile spur trail to the summit of Cold Mountain, 6030'.  We then
> to Deep Gap and continued on the Art Loeb Trail to just south of Shining
> Mountain, where we camped for the night.  The temperature was cool but the
> sky was clear and views were superb.
> On Saturday we hiked in cold rain and sleet.  Visibility was less than
> when we summited Tennent and Black Balsam, two of the ten mountains in the
> Black Balsams over 6,000'.  We finished up on Sunday at Davidson River
> campground.
> We have fond memories of that hike, including a funny skunk story.  Pisgah
> National Forest has many miles of wonderful backpacking trails!  We later
> summited the remainder of the 40 "southern sixers."
> Dan
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