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[at-l] hypothermia vs heat

Not true. In fact, it is quite the other way around. In the cold, the onset
is insidious, you really don't "feel" it setting in. By the time you do, it
is usually too late, you already have some amount of frostbite.

In the heat, you really get hot tired and thirsty, you sweat profusely, then
you stop sweating which is a sure warning sign. If you stop right then you
will be fine, but many people either are not aware of the signs or ignore

The next step is heat stroke. It is called that for a reason, and yes it CAN
kill. It rarely happens these days, not with plenty of fluid, air
conditioning and rest so close by, but it can kill, especially if, like in
Mark's case, you have other complications as well.

Lee I Joe

"Shane Steinkamp" <shane@theplacewithnoname.com> wrote in message
> There is a major difference, in my experience between heat and cold.  The
> cold can kill you all by itself.  I've been in the position of feeling it
> reach into me like a living thing and try to extinguish the fires within.
> The heat, on the other hand, can't kill you all by itself.  If you stop,
> rest, drink, and avoid anything foolish, 110 degrees is uncomfortable, but
> survivable.  There isn't anything you can do to fight against the heat -
> you have to do is not do anything that lets the heat work you over.
> On the other hand, once it gets really cold, you have to fight the cold -
> and sometimes fight very hard.
> Shane