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[at-l] Forums (last call)

For Mags benefit...

Yes you can access the lists (all of the lists that are here in these
forums) via Usenet. The server is news.backcountry.net. Ryan can tell
you how to set it up or email me off-list and I will look at my settings
and tell you what you need.

Remember what I said above though, "posting" does not work. The lists
will not accept a post from Usenet. THe work around is to "reply" which
creates a mail reply to the original author of the post, then you either
replace the author's address with the list's address or simply "cc:" the
list address.

Before you go to tthe trouble, best wait for Ryan's answer to if he
can/will keep the Usenet version.

Incidentally, as a side benefit, it is much more difficult to get an
email virus if you aren't using email - go Usenet!

Lee I Joe


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