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[at-l] Hiking dates for northeast A.T.

At 01:44 PM 10/15/2002 -0400, Wendy wrote:

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> > Hi folks. I just signed on to your forum. My wife and I are thinking of
> > hiking only the northern part of the Trail, ending in Maine. We're not
> > real sure where we're going to start yet. We were thinking of either
> > hiking in May/June or July/August. Any suggestions on which of these
> > times would be best weather wise? We don't want to be hiking in a lot of
> > cold weather or snow.
> >
>I live in north-central Vermont. We usually have snow in May and our last
>frost is generally the first week of June. Black flies are bad both times,
>but better in July/August.
>I used to live near Manchester, VT. It's still mud season on the trail in
>May/June. My daughter says you are not even allowed on the trails until
>Memorial Day.

What is it they say about Vermont?

Nine months of snow and mud, followed
by three months of really tough sledding.

(or something like that..)

rafe b.
aka terrapin

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