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[at-l] New Pepsi Can Stove Pot Stand

While browsing the hardware store looking for expanded aluminum I came
upon something similar in a rather unique shape. It consists of typical
expanded steel mesh pre-formed into an open top can shape. It is used to
slip inside the top of the gutter downspout to prevent debris from
entering the downspout.

It also happens to be just larger than the Pepsi Stove which easily
slips inside it. I bent the top over to match the bottom using my
Titanaium cup as the form, which gave me a stand three inches high with
an open slit about one inch wide along one edge, a solid mesh bottom and
a slightly less solid mesh top. Very stable and durable and best of all,
it nests around the cup with the stove in the cup and the whole works
inside the Titan pot.

One caveat, the mesh is galvanized. I would advise using it several
times to burn in the galvanizing as much as possible. Supposedly it is
not a good idea to breath the fumes from it. Anybody have a stand made
from welded wire that they know the weight of?

The stove weighs 0.4 oz, the stand 1.2 oz and the total weight of the
entire cookset is 7.7 ozs. My Whisperlite alone weighs 10.9 ozs.


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