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[at-l] Need help with list moderation (admin)


I'm a big fan of the "Reject all non-subsribed". If you decide to go
with the Sysdamin option, I'd volunteer to help out with CGI if needed.
I don't think I'm quite up to the task of the rest, though.

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 11:39:28AM -0500, I received a message from Ryan K. Brooks to which I felt pleasantly compelled to respond by saying:
> Hi folks,
>    Been gone for a few days and in my absence Milt had to moderate
> about 350 messages in the list filters.   This is a crazy amount of work
> and time, so I'm looking for some help.   I'd like to get comments or a
> volunteer to help with one of the following options:
> - Reject all non-subscribed addresses.    This would eliminate the vast
> majority of work, but it would also eliminate the possibility of people
> being able to post from non-subbed addresses.   Note that you can
> subscribe with an address and not have to the receive the list mail,
> which solves this problem- but there's still a fair number of folks that
> don't do this and just let their posts get moderated.
> - Ask for a volunteer moderater.  This persons or persons would have a
> responsibility to log into the web interface here and approve/reject
> messages.   No decisions on content is made, rather just if the poster
> is a valid one and not a spammer.  (This is what Milt and I do, and it's
> preventing us from working on the underlying systems).*
> - Keep the lists like they are, but "freeze" the features.  Not a good
> option, since we also have maintenance to do.
> - Get a SysAdmin volunteer.  Need
> Unix/Sendmail/FreeBSD/Apache/CGI/Perl/Mailman/Python/HTML guru to unload
> maintenance work.*
> Thoughts?   I'd be willing to discuss this one on the list, since it has
> an impact on the community.  I still want to avoid accepting any
> donations or advertising, so that's not an option.
> *- for these two options, I'd have to say we're not an equal opportunity
> shop :-) as these people would have to be someone on the list for awhile
> and someone I'm familiar with.
> -R
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