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[at-l] Hiking dates for northeast A.T.

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> Hi folks. I just signed on to your forum. My wife and I are thinking of
> hiking only the northern part of the Trail, ending in Maine. We're not
> real sure where we're going to start yet. We were thinking of either
> hiking in May/June or July/August. Any suggestions on which of these
> times would be best weather wise? We don't want to be hiking in a lot of
> cold weather or snow.

I live in north-central Vermont. We usually have snow in May and our last
frost is generally the first week of June. Black flies are bad both times,
but better in July/August.

I used to live near Manchester, VT. It's still mud season on the trail in
May/June. My daughter says you are not even allowed on the trails until
Memorial Day.

Wendy   (wsm311@aol.com)
Peace and Carrots Farm