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[at-l] Forums (last call)

Well, I like the interface better than the mail interface, but I would
be just as happy with the Usenet interface. I understand the cost issue
and really wouln't miss this all that much.

My only objection would be that posting from the Usenet interface is a
little more difficult since you can't simply hit "Post", you have to hit
"Reply" which inserts the original author's address and then CC: the
list address. Kind of cumbersome.

Doing things that way seems to occasionally screw up the threading.
Threading is what I like most about this and the Usenet interface.

I can actually keep up with what is going on without wasting a lot o fmy
time reading posts that I don't want to read and then being tempted into
replying to them when I shouldn't. :)

I was looking at the stats for the users on the forum interface the
other day and although there are not a lot of us, there are a few who
are regular users.

This is also the ONLY interface that I would choose to use from an
office. Other than IP logs, it leaves very little behind in the way of
tracks (assuming that you clear your cache afterwards). Of course, I
don't know ANY of us who would be browsing the list when we should be

Lee I Joe


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