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[at-l] An AT Insitution retires.

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 The AT season is over, and The Ferryman hangs up his paddles as he retires
from providing the canoe ferry across the Kennebec.
 If you'd like to drop Steve a card: (And please, do.)

 Steve Longley
 Longley's Store
 Rt. 201
 The Forks, Maine 04985

I wrote this to Steve today:
<A HREF="mailto:stevelongley@midmaine.com";>
 Hi Steve,
 I'd like to thank you for your extraordinary dedication to the Appalachian
Trail community. Since 1987 over 14,000 hikers have been safely transported
safely, thanks to you, across the trail's most dangerous 80 yards.
 There is no doubt in my mind that you have saved lives.
 I know future thruhikers will continue to enjoy your hospitality at
Longley's Store, and past thruhikers will continue to hold their canoe ride
across the Kennebec as a highlight of their AT hike.
again, many thanks
aka John Gordon