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[at-l] Art Loeb Trail, baby trip report

Hey Radar, Hello Jan, Hi gang

	Good to hear that you finished :-) the AT Radar. I have some pictures of you in the Gallery. I do not have time to pinpoint them now. See you at the Gathering.
	I hiked the Art Loeb trail recently. Well most of it. I still have about 5 miles to completion. I have some pictures from that area too. Time to go to work....



Gary Wright wrote:
> On Monday, October 14, 2002, at 10:11  PM, Jan Leitschuh wrote:
> > Well, I have to say it. I am in love.
> > He's big, he's bad, he's bald, he's one high dude - the Art Loeb Trail.
> > I got my first view on Saturday, and I was smitten -  love at first
> > sight.
> Your posting brought back many memories.  Fifteen years ago I hiked this
> area in an Outward Bound course right before finishing college.  This
> was my
> first serious backpacking trip (three weeks vs. overnights before with
> the scouts).
> My interest in the Appalachian Trail started back then on that trip and
> while
> I didn't manage to do any backpacking in the intervening years, I never
> let go
> of that dream to hike the trail.  I'm happy to report that the dream
> came true this
> year.  I started April 1 at Springer and summited Katahdin on September
> 29.
> I'll be at the Gathering this weekend (I attended last year as a
> dreamer) and I'm
> looking forward to seeing some of my classmates from this year as well
> as
> meeting new people.
> My journal is at http://www.trailjournals.com/gwright for those who are
> interested.
> Lots (over 300) of pictures.  The last 10 days of entries should be up
> shortly.
> Radar (GA->ME 2002)
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