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[at-l] ALDHA Gathering?

Is anyone going to the ALDHA gathering next weekend who'll either
be starting from somewhere near Rochester, NY, or will pass through
Rochester on the way there?  I have a big pile of photos (27 rolls
worth) to deliver to Miss Janet (of Erwin, TN) from this year's
thru-hiker season, but I can't make it to the Gathering myself.
If some kind soul would be willing to deliver the photos for me,
I'd be most grateful.

Also, I have Picture CDs of all of the photos, and could upload
JPEGs of the whole bunch to an archive somewhere for this year's
thru-hikers to get at.  It's an awful lot of data, but the JPEGs
are of sufficient quality to make reprints from.  It's also
completely unorganized; I don't know when anything was shot or
who any of the people in the photos are.  Where, if anywhere,
would be a good place to put this data?

 -- Raccoon --
(sorry to be missing the Gathering, but I have a commitment this
weekend that Can't Be Missed)

Susan Davis <futabachan@yahoo.com>

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