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[at-l] One hour...plus 40 years....

Amy wrote:

> > Amy wrote:
> >>
> >> Plus, he's handy.
> >
> > Handy how?
> > Define handy.
> > J
> > Not tryin' to start nuthin', honest...
> >
> You and Felix are actually twins separated at birth, aren't you?  Admit
> it.

Then, we were separated about 40 years ago Saturday...how ironic is that?

> I was thinking handy as in "tool using male",

My God...no less the 6 things could I have said to a set up like this. no
less than 6 I say...

> but I suppose it's possible
> that handy in the sense of that Hindu god with all the arms might
> apply...

Man, that guy could sure drive some nails, couldn't he?  (is that
sacreligious if I'm not that religion?) Gishnu?

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"