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[at-l] The Gathering ...Questions

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Most people eat lunch and dinner at the school - once you get there, plan to
be there for the day. You probably won't go back to the folk art center until
after the evening program. There is a pizza place up the road a bit. I'm not
sure what else is in the area, if anything.  There is usually coffee in the
morning at the center and maybe at the college (Bring Your Own Cup), but you
might consider bringing breakfast food.

It's a good idea to bring a snack or something to tide you over in case you
don't make it to lunch because you have found an absolutely fascinating
workshop or slide show. A bottle of water is always a good idea.  The
classrooms can get hot during the day so dress in layers. Ditto for the
Friday and Saturday night programs - the rooms can get a tad stuffy so be

Last year in Hanover many were in shorts on Friday. The year before at
Pipestem it snowed.  Be prepared.

So besides your tent, bag and snacks you might consider bringing:

Snacks (you already said that)
Bottle(s) of water
Coffee Mug
Breakfast stuff
A towel if you plan to take a shower
Paper to write on
Camera (to take pictures of all your new friends)
Earplugs - The 1am quiet hours come early for people who only see each other
once or      twice a year and sometimes they have been known to momentarily
raise the volume of their laughter.
Warm clothing

If you can find the time to donate a couple of hours, I am sure Jim Owen
could use more volunteers.

Hope that helps.


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like no one's watching. - unknown