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[at-l] gear Weight questions

#1 Not worth the weight to me (elvish eyes ;-). Are you primarily hiking
or bird watching? Maybe you could carry them on weekend hikes and leave
them home on longer hikes? Remember you'll carry them all the time but
only use them occasionally.

#2 One of the secrets to a lighter pack is to lower your comfort level.
How much is that pound worth? And cooking inside a tent isn't the safest
thing you could do. Learn to cook in the rain and save a pound. A garbage
bag will keep your gear dry.

See you're almost 2 pounds lighter already  :-)


On Mon, 14 Oct 2002 10:44:20 -0500 "t." <tfort@jam.rr.com> writes:
> I'm doing a 5 night hike soon.  So, I have been deciding on what to
> bring
> and what not.
> I have some questions as to what's worth the weight?
> 1) binoculars.   are they worth the 13 ozs?
> 2) tent.  I have a choice of two tent.  a small minimalist tent,
> and, a
> roomer tent.  the difference is 16 ozs.  loosing the weight would be
> nice.
> However the smaller one would be cramped, and, has no room for any
> gear,
> and, if I ever had to cook in the rain, the smaller one would be
> almost
> impossible.
> thanks,
> t
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