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[at-l] Technology on the trail

All the rant about cell phones and other technology seems to me to be aimed at
the devices.  I have no problem knowing that someone has a cell phone in his
pack, as long as I am not disturbed by his phone ringing or his talking while I
am seeking peace.  My rant against technology is the people who believe it is a
substitute for knowledge and preparedness.  Like the guy who feels he doesn't
need emergency gear in his day pack because he has a cell phone, or the guy
who, using a map and GPS decides that the quickest way to the car is this way,
without knowing that the brown lines on the map that are very close to each
other mean that he is about to step off a cliff, or the little green grass
bunches mean a swamp.  My car has cruise control and a computer that tells me
all sorts of stuff such as average speed, direction, fuel economy, etc.  All
this technology does not replace ordinary driving skills which I had to
demonstrate before the State of New Jersey let me on their roads.  maybe there
should be a test and license issued to hikers. (the preceeding sentence was
toungue in cheek so no flames please).