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[at-l] Appalled, was Whites Incident & Cell Phone

>I am appalled that you continue to use a man's death as a
>springboard for espousing your own political views, and to attack
>actions he took after receiving a head injury while on the trail.
>What's wrong with you?

Yup.  I can't help but wonder what this man's relatives would think of such
a thread.  I do know that at least one relative has come to the internet to
learn more about her loved one's journey.  Check out the BBS on the AMC
site.  Its not such a stretch to think she might find the backcountry.net
pages as well.

This guy was part of the Trail family.  Perhaps I might be overly sensitive,
but when people who know very little about the situation, be they a
Psychiatrist or just a hiker, start speculating as to "suicide by trail" and
the man's depression, that seems to go way over the line.  This guy was part
of the Trail Family, after all. Perhaps that is fair game to talk about, but
I am troubled by doing it on the internet, when we have so very little
information to go on.

I'll go back and read Rock's post, but at least I don't think he went down
that path.

Rick Boudrie

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