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[at-l] Trail conditions

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I was just in the area last Sunday to Wednesday.  Hiked the 63.8 from Mt.
Rogers Visitors Center to Damascus.  Water scarce on the ridges.  Most
shelter springs dry.  Lost Mtn. Shelter spring had water in it, but it didn't
look running to me.  I pulled water out of a spring running across the trail
about 1/2 mile SOBO from it.  There is also a stream that was flowing
adequately SOBO from Thomas Knob Shelter.  It was just a few tenths after the
side trail up Mt. Rogers.  I heard about a spring at Rhododendron Gap, but
didn't see it personally. Coming into the Grayson Highlands area, I pulled
water at Comers Creek Falls & Fox Creek.

Some slight fall colors last week, but still mostly green.  They hadn't had a
frost yet.  Colors may be better this coming week.