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[at-l] Southern Ruck

Great, then it should be settled.

I will contact Amicalola Falls this week - as I talked with them
briefly after GARUCK this year. I'd like to see if we can get the
cabins at the end of the road as well as the campsite areas used last
year. I have about 1 gallon of blueberries left from this year's crop,
and maybe a quart or so from 2001. We should be covered.

SWMBO is heading out to visit our daughter next week in Far Flung
California. I have Rotary bowling and other responsibilities over the
weekend, hence won't make the drive to WV this year. Believe it not,
the Rotary stuff is a responsibility as we are fund raising to try to
end Polio in 2005. It doesn't look good for success, as India has an
increased incidence of polio already this year.


--- Linda/Jan Benschop <athummingbird@ellijay.com> wrote:
> I really agree that Amicolola is the best place.  I do hope that we
> can do something here in Carter's Lake during a different time of
> year, but the park closes on Oct 31st so there would not be the
> facilities in January.  We had such a great time at Amicolola last
> RUCK.  But what is the cabin situation?
> You are saving those blueberries, aren't you???
> Will "She who Must Be Obeyed" allow you to come to the Gathering??

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