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Re[2]: [at-l] Whites and slackpacking

"...Let's  at  least  reject  the  opportunity  to  twist known facts about this
tragedy  to  rant  against  slackpacking and cell phones," properly urges Orange

I  would  go  even further. I think we would be a happier list if we could avoid
characterizing  others  comments  as "rants" and a "twist(ing)" of facts. I once
was chastised (properly) for calling another's contributions, "silly."

I've  tried since to either ignore or comment on what is being said, rather than
to  label  it  with  derogatory  verbs and adjectives. All of us on the list are
sometimes  wise  in our offerings, and sometimes unwise. Very few of us, if any,
have  the  time  or inclination to fashion our comments so carefully as to avoid
misunderstanding  --  even if such were possible.

For  what  its  worth,  I  sometimes  can  think of many derogatory words to use
against postings. I try to refrain because I think rational conversation is more