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[at-l] Whites and slackpacking

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In a message dated 10/12/2002 11:27:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
icw39@ncfreedom.net writes:

> The cell phone did nothing -

      ***   Exactly. People who keep justifying their use on the AT should
take note. This man had a cell phone, used it, and died anyway.

   it was how different people
> elected to ACT or NOT ACT that led to the final result - not the least
> of which was the failure of the victim to remember that if you are
> freezing to death, that is the one time staying put is NOT good advice;

     ***  Thru-thinker, I don't believe this was voluntary. I think he was
trying to reach Madison and became incapacitated by hypothermia (horrible).
My point was that the need to maintain better cell phone reception could have
lead him to stay on the freezing ridge instead of getting to lower elevation
and shelter. The man ditched his gear and kept his phone.

>  in the end, we are
> responsible for our own actions - and i personally think we all ought to
> revel in the fact, and quit asking for more and more rules, which lead
> to more and more incentives to externalize, which lead to more and more
> lawsuits, which lead to more and more rules, and more and more insurance
> company mess, and more and more work for lawyers . . .  hey, wait a
> minute! :) forget everything I just said, and remember to call me when
> you need to sue someone next! :)

      ***    The AT is even simpler. Just revel in the fact that it is pure
nature, no rules but natural ones...