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[at-l] Hotel

Rogene Beers wrote:
>Can anyone tell me if there is a hotel or motel near the Gathering and
>what's it's name and phone number. My 83 y/o mother has concented to come
>with me and cannot talke cold weather to sleep in.
>PS I did a web search and got Athens West Virginia further North which is a
>much larger city.

Rogene -
There are no hotels/motels in Athens. Try a web search on Princeton, WV.
There are a number of motels there - it's an Interstate interchange.  An
alternative that some people seem to like is Pipestem - it's a state park,
has a REALLY nice lodge and is about as close to Athens as Prnceton. Look me
up when you get to the Gathering -
Walk softly,

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