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[at-l] White Mountains incident

Unfortunately, it wasn't just hyperbole but the rantings of some
opposed to the intrusions of certain technologies on the trail. These
rantings have about the same credibility as "save your Confederate
money" or "if God intended man to fly..."

There are rules against the use of cell phones in Baxter State Park -
although wireless communications are used by park staff. There have
been flame wars around here regarding cell phones. Imagine the belief
that cell towers spoiling the view are due to hiker phones, as if the
economies of cell towers are met by a handfull of hikers over a week
during a short hiking season. We even entertained the idea that a man
with an acute appendicitis (true story) should have died rather than
allow a cell phone initiated medical evacuation.

Don't be too concerned for Boston lawyers. Have sympathy for the poor
ATC and AT-L members who have to remind others of the wonderful world
of reality. It is truly amazing how this death was twisted into a rant
over cell phones and slackpacking.


--- J Bryan Kramer <jbryankramer@msn.com> wrote:
> I assumed that was hyperbole, surely no one is serious about trying
> that. ...

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