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[at-l] my best advice...

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I'm allowing 7 months for my 03 Thru.
As long as my body cooperates (and my wife keeps her job at Lucent - not a
thing), I will be taking my time all the way to Maine. My first week is going
to be a
Slooow, get used to the trail week (about 5-7 miles a day, stop & smell the

I found out a year ago what too much, too soon got me on a 7 day trip on the
in Georgia (3 days on the trail (a great, rainy 3 days, followed by 4 weeks
over & 1 year of back pain), and back home to see assorted doctors (still
on strengthening my back & abs. Time will tell if I did enough).

I plan to stop & resupply often, but only have 12-14 Mail drops planned so I
can be flexible with my schedule.

Russ (the Gimp).

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hike-usa@pocketmail.com writes:

> i thought that it would be nice if listers that have thru-ed or section-ed
> could pass on their best piece of advice to '03 thrus and sectioners.  i
> just read some beginning journal entries from a fellow that hiked last
> season.  he left springer with 10 days worth of food, with the intention of
> hitting fontana, and his first food drop, after those 10 days...
> my best piece of advice (and you've all heard it from me before):
> plan on three weeks to get from springer to fontana, and ignore all of the
> internal and external pressure to move faster...
> pittsburgh