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[at-l] One hour...plus 40 years....

At 07:55 AM 10/12/2002 -0500, Felix wrote:
>About 40 years ago...give or take an hour...the Feelmeister
>began his first thru-hike, he did. Dumped that untreated
>water, grabbed his umbilical cord, strapped his placenta on
>his back and headed into the long, not-so-green tunnel. "Go
>to the light, boy."  And, to the light he goed. From the
>second that first spotlight hit his little, red face he was
>talking. From the second that first nurse looked at him, he
>was flirtin'. And, so it goes. Full of shit then...full of
>shit two score later. Some things'll never change. Some
>things maybe shouldn't.
>Sometimes, apparently, I talk in the third person...I never
>talk in church, though...(well, not since I quit attendin'

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIX.  Light those candles if you still have them.  :)