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[at-l] Trip report of sorts - kinda long/ HUNTING DOGS

Whoooo....been there...Went hilking with the Scouts a few years ago.  When we go up the next morning, there was
this dawg.  He followed us out to the car so we took him with us.  Really, we tried to find his owner but nobody would
admit to owning him.  Once I got home I managed to find his owner.  Bow, was he ever happy to get his $1500
coonhound back.  That was one nice dog,  the owner was missing a lot by making him live in the kennel.


10/11/02 6:17:18 AM, "Linda/Jan Benschop" <athummingbird@ellijay.com> wrote:

>WhoAh and all those other folks who come upon a hunting dog on the
>trail.....DO NOT FEED THEM!!  Now this is very difficult, but once you do
>you will never get rid of it.  A few years back, animal lover that I am, I
>decided to share a piece of meat with this seemingly hungry hound dog.  He
>stayed with us for days, finally grabbing my hiking boot and taking off with
>it.  Hours later I managed to track him down by bribing him with a piece of
>meat.  I finally ended up bringing him to a road crossing and using my rope
>to tie him up and call someone to get him.  It really did not make for a
>very pleasant hike.  The big mistake is that first bite you give the dog.
>>From then on, they are yours!
>Many times I have found stray dogs in the woods and, if they are not obvious
>hunting dog, it is a different story.  But those hound dogs......watch out
>and do not leave your boots outside.
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