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[at-l] (Guest Post) Still not dead....

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* by our guest Baltimore Jack <baltimorejack@hotmail.com>.
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  Just a quick hello to old friends and others who hang out at this Forum..=
.. am writing from Lewiston, ME., summitted Katahdin for hopefully the LAST=
 time at 10:30 this morning; back to Hanover tomorrow.
    Also, just wanted to let folks in the mid-Atlantic area and elsewhere k=
now that there are gonna be A TON of good folks, nearly all former thru-hik=
ers and other assorted trash at the fabulous, fabled, and legendary Doyle H=
otel in Duncannon, PA. on the evening of Thursday the 17th. (We're all head=
ing down to the ALDHA Gathering in West Virginia the next morning or whenev=
er the hell we wake up).  Anyway, all are welcome, and hopefully we'll all =
leave the establishment alive, it is the Doyle after all, and unusual thing=
s happen there now and again.   We have been informed by their delightful n=
ew management that we've got the entire second floor reserved; all they've =
asked of us in return is to respect their "quiet hours", which providential=
ly and happily start at 2 A.M., which is pretty damned amusing if you think=
 about it.   Anyway, hope to see some familiar faces there or in West Virgi=
nia.  Anyone wishing more information on this once in a lifetime event can =
contact me; hope to see some of you there, and hopefully many more of you i=
n WV.  Best wishes to one and all.....  Jack

   Oh.  Forgot something important in addition to the above.  It looks like=
 once again I'm going to be giving an informal presentation at the Gatherin=
g for prospective thru-hikers; we did this last year and it was actually fa=
irly well received, which is pretty funny as I generally look forward to pu=
blic speaking the way other folks look forward to a root canal; anyway, I'v=
e been totally away from the computer for almost seven months.  I'm putting=
 together some handout material for my talk, which will hopefully include a=
 listing of valuable and useful Internet sites for prospective hikers----ma=
iling lists, Q&A Forums, personal web sites, etc.  If anyone on this list w=
ants to send me their favorite A.T. related sites, especially those with an=
 emphasis on planning and preparation, and if they especially wanna send me=
 any NEW sites or addresses that have come on the scene since March, I'd re=
ally appreciate it.  By the time the Gathering rolls around, I'll be able t=
o check 'em out and pass the info around to the folks who'll most benefit f=
rom it, i.e. the people planning their hikes.  Thanx in advance for any of =
you that can help out with this, and it'd be great to hear from old friends=