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[at-l] my neighbors think i've cracked

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I needed to go to the post office this morning to have a letter weighed.  I=
've been thinking about the upcoming fall/winter hiking season and decide t=
o weigh the fleece hooded jacket I was wearing.  I took it off, folded it n=
eatly, and put it on the scale...1 lb. 6.80 oz.  Now, just to be sure that =
was accurate I decide to weigh it again.  I refolded the jacket and weighed=
 it.  Yep, 1 lb. 6.80 oz.  I put the jacket back on and turned around to se=
e a lovely old lady watching me intently.  She quickly starts putting a sta=
mp on her letter as she is shaking her head.  I say, "I bet that looked sil=
ly me weighing my jacket like that on the post office scale?"  As I'm fumbl=
ing for the words to explain, she is still shaking her head and quietly say=
s, "I try to mind my own business".  I'm still cracking up....the look on h=
er face!