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[at-l] Whites Incident & Cell Phone

Good Afternoon,

Based upon Papa Bear's relayed story from one who'd met the hiker in
question, it does indeed seem a stretch to parlay this tragedy into a
commentary on the evils of cell phone use or slackpacking.  It appears to be
a sad combination of weather and injury.


Take Care,


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>     Perhaps it's a little early for such, but it struck me that the
> involvement of the Whites hypothermia victim with cell phone rescue should
> analyzed.
>      If I read the report correctly, the victim called in a rescue request
> for himself by cell phone and was waiting for rescuers.
>      After reading the story it struck me later that this man was possibly
> slackpacking the Whites hut to hut only carrying minimal gear and a phone.
> The report said he had no pack when he was found.