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[at-l] Trip report of sorts - kinda long/ HUNTING DOGS

WhoAh and all those other folks who come upon a hunting dog on the
trail.....DO NOT FEED THEM!!  Now this is very difficult, but once you do
you will never get rid of it.  A few years back, animal lover that I am, I
decided to share a piece of meat with this seemingly hungry hound dog.  He
stayed with us for days, finally grabbing my hiking boot and taking off with
it.  Hours later I managed to track him down by bribing him with a piece of
meat.  I finally ended up bringing him to a road crossing and using my rope
to tie him up and call someone to get him.  It really did not make for a
very pleasant hike.  The big mistake is that first bite you give the dog.
>From then on, they are yours!

Many times I have found stray dogs in the woods and, if they are not obvious
hunting dog, it is a different story.  But those hound dogs......watch out
and do not leave your boots outside.