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[at-l] Vacuum sealers

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Well, it happened. Last week while I was preparing for my Gathering workshop,
my vacuum sealer died. It was a very sad occasion marked by immediately
getting online and ordering a replacement. It's kind of funny that it's still
my most important kitchen appliance, even though I broke down a year ago and
actually bought a microwave.

I tried to figure out how many seams it has sealed and I have come up with
literally thousands. It has supported a thruhike, several AT section hikes,
many care packages to the AT, PCT, CDT, FT as well as several of the shorter
trails.  Not sure why I am telling you this, but since so many of you have
received offerings from my first one, I thought you might have a moment of
silence before it gets permanently retired.

The new one arrived today and works like a charm. I love Foodsavers :)


Work like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt, And dance
like no one's watching. - unknown