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[at-l] Carver's Gap to 91E Trip

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Hiked last week.  Camped at the red barn (Overmountain Historic Trail/Gap).
Thanks to all for their advise.  Trail was in good shape.  This is a
challenging hike (first time).  My hiking buddy (wife of 28 years) did great.
 Springs were running for the most part.  Wet springs north of Jane Bald
running.  Lower spring at red barn running (upper spring dry).  Spring north
of Little Hump running.  Spring on the north decent from Big Hump running.
Didn't check Apple Shelter spring, but it looked like it would be ok.  The
two rains from the hurricanes seem to have the water running for now.  Leaves
were just beinging to turn in the upper elevations.  Stayed at Mountain
Harbour B&B the night we came out of the woods (1/4 mile west of 19E/AT
intersect).  Was a great hike.