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[at-l] exhaustion and WMNF/AMC signage


Just a note, this was not *my* first hand account.  This was an account be a
NOBO named Ready Eddie which I related.

Sorry about the signage on your hike.  I guess I never noticed it too much.
I was just looking for white blazes.  I recall my comment on the AMC was
more about trail maintenance, not signage.  I know for example that you know
when you pass from AMC territory to MATC territory on the AT at Grafton
Notch by the blowdowns.  From none to some.  (But not many.  This is not
meant to be a blast at the MATC which has perhaps the most daunting section
of trail on the entire AT to look after).

You are probably correct about the signs but to tell the truth on my AT
section hikes I relied heavily on the guides and data book and didn't much
pay attention signage.  Some folks may object to the fact that in the Whites
the AT is often called by it's local name (Crawford Path, Gulfside Trail,
etc.) instead of being clearly labelled "AT".  This doesn't particularly
bother me.  After all these trail names were there decades before the AT was
even a gleam in McKaye's eye (or even before Mckaye was a gleam in his
father's eye:-:)


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> PapaBear wrote:
> ### At this point, I *really* regret not having done a trip
> report for the hike me Boysens and I did July/August. We hit the
> Presidentials 2.5+ weeks into it, were in fine shape to start,
> were hiking in clear -- even *breezeless* conditions -- in fact
> it was *debilitatingly* sunny, hot, and humid, and ALL through
> the Whites, I was struck by the MISERABLE signage and blazing
> from the AMC. [PapaBear, I recall your description to be quite
> positive on the state of maintenance in the area of the AMC
> franchise, but on signage and blazing I emPHATically disagree.]


> ### Yeah, you bet I have feelings on the subject. I was up there
> on a 85* breezeless day and more than once exclaimed to the boys
> "Somebody should be hauled out and shot for this." We
> *regularly* found ourselves off trail, sometimes by as much as
> 50 yards.
> Bring your compass,
> Rely upon yourself,
> Sloetoe