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[at-l] Katahdin Question/Frogg Toggs

Mmmmm... Bargain Barn...  Atlanta may have its REIs and Galyans but there's
nothing *quite* like a trip to the Bargain Barn in Jasper - especially on
early Saturday mornings during hunting season!  Also, its only 25 miles from


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Have worn my Frogg Toggs during really chilly winter weather and they are
great at breaking the wind.  With a couple of layers under, they should keep
you warm.  One tip is to not get too near a fire with them.  They are
flammable!  I have a burn hole in one arm to prove it!

Just saw that Bargain Barn in Jasper, GA. on Hwy. 515  is carrying Frogg
Toggs in the Hunter's Section.  They also have some really cool Frogg Togg
bags for $4 a piece.   They have a pretty amazing selection of everything
outdoors including a hiking/camping section.


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