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[at-l] hypothermia vs heat

Hey Shane, the heat can get you too, tho I think it's easier to cool off
when you're too hot than to get warm when you're too cold...

I did two weeks of trail work with the FORCE crew up in Maine years ago.
You wouldn't think Maine had heat waves, especially to where it reached +90
in the woods, but that's what we had. We were all keeping an eye on each
other, but one day I crashed, due to low blood sugar combined with
dehydration. And like hypothermia I had no idea how bad off I was... I did
know that when I got back to camp I needed to chug a lot of Gatorade, and
someone handed me a bag of Skittles, and that got things back in balance.
Well, the next morning someone asked how I was feeling, and whether I
should be working, and I just shrugged it off. When the third person asked
the same I said "OK, what's going on?", and they said that on the stroll
back to camp the previous day that I wasn't speaking English, just
babbling...(OK Felix, there's a tag line for ya... <g>). I did work that
day without a problem, but that afternoon the crew leader crashed... moving
rocks in that heat was rough, even after we shortened up the work days...

So everyone just needs to keep in mind to watch both the heat and cold. Who
posted the "shoelace test" last winter? I liked that one... test your motor
skills to keep track of how your doing...