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[at-l] OT: since some of you seem goofy.....

Now this is downright sexist!!!  I'm all for equal opportunity. ;-)

And speaking of Shane's message.  There use to be a guy in a nearby town who
rotated in and out of the State Vacation Retreat for Those Who See Reality
Differently.  He would be "cured" and head home.  Then after a few weeks,
he'd head down town dressed in shiny shoes and a hat.  Just that.  Of course
being a Southern Gentleman, he'd always tip his hat to the ladies.

William, The Turtle

PS	A friend recently told me that they were encouraged to walk on the
trail after stopping at road crossing in Georgia.  They met a gentleman who
had on boots and 2 packs.  One large pack and one strategically placed fanny
pack.  Must have been a Southerner.  I've noticed you Yankees seem to let it
all hang out. ;-)
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> Since this seems like a light-hearted group....want to see
> some naked men??
> My dh is Mr. November, the guy cleaning the chimney.
> http://www.songseek.com/picturenet/photos/MOMC_Months/

This is pretty amusing, and I've thought about ordering one, but I don't
think my boss would let me hang it here in the office...

BTW, according to Canadian law, you dad isn't naked because he's wearing a
hat.  Got to love those Canadians...