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[at-l] Katahdin Question

At 03:36 PM 10/9/2002 -0400, Jane Leitschuh wrote:

 > Thanks, Grey Owl.
 > In addition, I would love to hear some basic "summit weather" stories. Maybe
 > it's the drizzle today...
 > Still want to know about outerwear too.

Felix and Bill Bryson both have rather chilling stories
to tell of hiking on the Franconia Ridge.

I have no doubt, from having walked that ridge, many
times, that their stories are utterly true.

IMHO, hypothermia is the most real and imminent
danger for hikers, and at high altitudes, it can happen
any time of year -- particularly on bare, exposed
ridges such as you find in the Whites and in Maine.

rafe b.
aka terrapin

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