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[at-l] Summit weather stories

Winter is the time to take off the hiking boots and strap on the cross
country skiis anyway. Do people ski the entire trail??


> A very apt analogy: Cold can be a cruel mistress who screws up your head
> and blinds you from knowing you are in trouble.
> That was the best description of progression of hypothermia to
> disaster. It
> ought to be posted broadly for anyone anticipating exposure to wind, wet
> and cold.
> OrangeBug
> At 03:56 PM 10/9/2002 -0500, Shane Steinkamp wrote:
> >This is precisely why I gave up hiking in cold conditions.  It can be
> >profoundly beautiful, but the cold is a cruel mistress and one not to be
> >taken lightly.  At least in 100 degree heat, you can sweat in
> the shade for
> >awhile, drink some water, and know that the night will bring you some
> >relief.
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