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[at-l] Katahdin Question


As a general rule I thinlk thru hikers send home their summer clothes and
bag and  get their fleece, and heavy bag back around Hanover NH.  This will
get you through the Whites and Maine.  When I did the Whites I substituted
my heavy duty Gortex gear for my Frogg Toggs.

Do not ask about temperaturs, ask about wind!!

Your friend Sassafras was turned back the frist attempt on Lafayette (in the
Franconia Ridge - about 20 miles before Mt. Washington) in mid June due to
high winds.  Her rain gear was litterally being shredded off her back.

Than there was poor Peter Busher, who died from exposure on Mt. Madison on
Sept. 11 (just one month ago). Temperatures extimated in low 30s, winds
70 -90 MPH.

As the Boy Scouts say: be Prepared.  Better to carry a few pounds extra
clothes than to be caught unprepared.

There was a great quote from "Mountaineering, the Freedom of the Hills" that
someone just posted on another list:

"You can be misled into accepting dangerous levels of risk by a simple
phenomenon that might be termed nonevent feedback: nothing bad happened last
time; therefore, nothing bad will happen this time. Nonevent feedback occurs
when we do not experience the potential consequences of our actions. It can
desensitize us to hazard."


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Thanks, Grey Owl.
In addition, I would love to hear some basic "summit weather" stories. Maybe
it's the drizzle today...
Still want to know about outerwear too.

greyowl@rcn.com wrote:
> > > Also, what is the difference temp-wise between a late August summit, a
> > > mid-Sept. summit and a mid-Oct. summit? Significant?
> Good question that cannot be answered as there is not a weather station on
top of Katahdin.  The information can be found at the national weather
service, but the data is very user unfriendly.  I found the link below that
will give you the monthly averages for Bangor Maine.  This would give you an
idea of the range.  Of coure you would have to subtract a couple of degrees
for each thousand feet of elevation.
> http://www.bangor-info.com/climate.html
> Happy feet!!
> Grey Owl

    Jan Leitschuh Sporthorses Ltd.


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