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[at-l] alcohol stove

Picked up a tip off the backpacking light forum, check out the mini version
of the soda can stove at

I built one last night out of SoBe Adrenalin drink cans (made by Mountain
Dew). With about 3/4 ounce of alcohol (spilled some) I heated two cups of
cold tap water to a ROLLING boil in 4 minutes, the alcohol burned out one
minute after that. On top of that I no longer have flames coming up the
side of the pot, so I figure that as fuel use goes it has to be somewhat
more efficient, and I'm not burning the handles on the pot anymore.

The cans seem to be a little more delicate than full size soda cans, I did
split the side of the bottom can some while pressing the top can down into
it, so now I need to find some aluminum tape.

I have a bit of flashing at home that's corragated vertically... next is to
try to pop-rivet that and combine the wind screen and pot stand and see if
that's lighter.

PS: new toys! My Nomad tent arrived last night!!! <g>