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[at-l] completed thru hikes??

On Monday, October 7, 2002, at 06:55 PM, Jan Leitschuh wrote:

>>> I wonder if that's the Buddha I met in Tennessee?  Asian or Asian
>>> mix, cheerful, muscular build?
> That would be the one.
> She wrote something Datto-esque or Felix-esque in a register,
> something like (quoting from an aging memory now paying the piper for a
> ill-spent youth):
> 	"You know how when you leave the trail to go to the bathroom and
> you think
> you're far enough off, and you're not far enough off, and how sure as
> shooting someone you know comes roaring around the corner and sees your
> white butt full on, and they pretend to be cool about it, but the next
> times
> and the next time and the next time you run into them at the shelter
> or a
> store or in town, you say "Hey," and they say "Hey" and you both act all
> cool but all the time you know they are thinking "I saw her white butt?"
> "I hate that."

Yep.  That's Buddha.  :)

I liked reading her register entries after she passed us.