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[at-l] Now I know just why I whine.....

Ode to the Cold
                by Sloetoe, 12/12/00

Now I know just why I whine
when the temperature fails to climb
when the blowing winds freeze moving brine
I know!
(just why I whine...)

I whine to tap the energy
(primordial and hard to see)
that sits inside my chest too deep
for winter winds to freeze --

I whine to sap that energy
while yet there's time (I'm cold, you see)
I whine to Sturm und Drang it free
from summer seed to basking tree

I whine in protest to the cold
that cloaks me deathlike -- I'm too bold!
I'll moan and whine and growl and fold
the blankets higher 'round my gold

I'll whine and bite and slap and fight
off frigid Winter's ever-night
I'll struggle and in the effort find
I've kindled fire limb-by-line

That fire warming joint and meat
I'm bristling now -- there's no retreat
I'm fighting, fighting all the time
Oh, now I know just why I whine!

Thank you, Robert Service.

Spatior! Nitor! Nitor! Tempero!
   Pro Pondera Et Meliora.

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