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[at-l] So Where's Fall?

In a message dated Sun, 6 Oct 2002 8:07:21 AM Eastern Standard Time, athummingbird@ellijay.com writes:

> Hope we will have a Fall show in West VA.  A few trees are
> turning here, but
> not much yet.
> Hummingbird

We've had a fall display in WV most years, even a little snow
on occasion (doesn't compare to the Norhthern Lights in NH).
This year may be less fall color due to the drought.

I left SC (after 3 fall like weeks), to come visit FLorida for
a bit. Now It feels like summer is here to stay... ;-)
Rode my bicycle 62 miles yesterday in summer temps... phew...
Can't wait to get back to SC & Fall... And I can't wait for
the Gathering (OK, I'm a really excited about hitting the AT March 1st too... :-O).... WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Lighter & smarter...

Russ (the Gimp)