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[at-l] completed thru hikes??

Thanks Papa Bear,

Sunny's journal is updated thru 9/20, so I am just hanging on to hear the
final word. They are not in their sisxites, tho maybe the thru-hiking life
ages one!
Below is an entry from their journal at
that alludes to hiking with a broken arm. Nonetheless, they made thru the
Mahoosec Notch and beyond a little after 9/9. Their website says 110 miles
Sunny was hiking in a dress in the South, a chic, reversible poly shift.
Always the stylish Trail Princess. Was she still?

Today we climbed Mt. Moosulauke down to Kinsmans Notch, our introduction to
the upcoming "White
Mountains" of New Hampshire. Rock jumping down hills and steep uphills mean
Frank (Sunset) spent half
his time helping "the one armed hiker" on this very strenuous part of the

Papa Bear wrote:

> I met a couple (looked to be in their 50s or 60s) who introduced themselves
> as Sunrise and Sunset (as in the song) at the summit of Norh Crocker
> (Stratton Maine) on Sept 20th. They looked good and seemed to be in good
> spirits.  Maybe that's the couple you mentioned.  We were just starting our
> Redington side trip.
> They were slackpacking and someone else told me later that Sunrise had hurt
> herself.  I think they were doing the logistics of slackpacking with a guy
> named Big Red who we met two days earlier near Saddleback Junior.  We never
> saw him with them but some other thrus said they were somehow working the
> car placing, logistics, etc. together.
> Hope this helps.
> Pb
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> > TJ,
> >
> > I am still running behind on most everything, but thanks so much for
> > reposting this AT update.
> >
> > I hiked with several of these thrus in early August, where the Long Trail
> > and the AT run together for 100 miles - Cupcake, Spider, B. Free., Budda.
> > This gives me perspective for next year's thru - once in that area of
> > Vermont, it looks to take about five to six weeks to Katahdin.
> >
> > I look forward to a further accounting. In particular, I am watching for
> > Sunny of this list, and her significant other, Sunset. Sunny broke her
> hand
> > en route, but kept on hiking.