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[at-l] AT Hiking Agenda starting this Sunday - Dicks Creek to Woody Gap

I guess it's a little late to be asking if anyone is planning on being on
the same part of the AT this next week, but here is our 5 person group's
schedule - starts tomorrow, Sunday, Oct 6:

Sunday Dick's Creek Gap to Deep Gap Shelter - 3.5 miles, 2675 feet to 3350
Monday Deep Gap Shelter to Tray Mtn Shelter - 7.1 miles, 3350 feet to 4070
Tuesday Tray Mtn Shelter to Blue Mtn Shelter - 7.7 miles, 4070 feet to 3780
Wednesday Blue Mtn Shelter to Whitley Gap Shelter - 11.6 miles (12.8 to
shelter), 3780 feet to 3200 feet
Thursday Whitley Gap Shelter to Neels Gap (paved road and Walisi-Yi) - 6.2
miles (7.4 from shelter), 3200 feet to 3125 feet
Friday Neels Gap (paved road and Walisi-Yi) to Woody Gap (paved road) - 10.7
miles, 3125 feet to 3170 feet

Total of 46.8 miles from Dicks to Woody (36.1 miles from Dicks to Neels),
plus 2.4 mile round trip hike to Whitley Gap Shelter. Make Day 4 shorter
(7.2 miles) and Day 5 longer (10.6 miles) if use Low Gap Shelter (right
before big climb) at end of Day 4. Possible bail-out  (for all or some of
group) at end of Day 5.

RET in Sunny Fla