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[at-l] Black Snakes - OT.


Reference your post, dated October 4, 2002, asking what would work as a
snake deterrent.


Sprinkle them about the yard where the snake(s) lurk, or pass through to
gain entry into the house.

Note:  Black Snakes are called, among other things, "Black Rat Snakes."
They hunt for things most people don't want around anyway; primarily
rodents.  They also hunt and kill Copperhead snakes.  The two species will
winter over together.  Come summer, however, and Black Snakes resume killin=
Copperhead snakes.

Black Snakes are constrictors; they are not venomous.  Humans are too large
for them to consider as prey.

Black Snakes will not hang around and go hungry for long.  If there is
something to eat, my suggestion is, let them eat it.  If, or when, there is
nothing to eat, they'll continue on their merry way.  They're sort of like

I have them (Black Snakes) about where I live and take every measure not to
harm or bother them.  They are quite docile.  If you approach them quietly
and pick them up slowly and gently they will rarely take offense.

Happy Trailsssssss.


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