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[at-l] black snakes - OT

I doubt the snake wanted particularly to be her roommate, but that the
outdoor work had ruined habitat for the snake. A black snake is a
particularly good neighbor, as it preys on venomous snakes as well as
vermin. By killing it, assuming that was the destination, there are
fewer predators capable of competing where the black snake had been,
hence more chance of vermin and less desirable neighbors.

All the snake wants is food and some cover - brush, trash pile, bushes
whatever. Once the yard work had been completed, it would have returned
to the area and begun policing the bugs, worms and critters in
preparation of a winter's nap.

This isn't so off topic. Folks sometimes get aggressive and territorial
when encountering snakes - particularly near shelters. The best choice
is to leave the critter alone and allow it to do it's job.


--- PMAnderson@apshealthcare.com wrote:
> There was some outdoor work going on at her house and she suddenly
> had a black snake as a roommate!  Obviously, one had to go, and the
> snake went....
> Does anyone know of anything that would work as a snake deterant in
> the house or around the house?

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