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[at-l] S-F book set in the southern AT area.

I've read some of Ringo's other stuff, I think he did a historical s-f built
around Gutavus Adolphus and find him to be shallow and rather uncontrolled
in writing style. In Dances he uses pages and pages to expound on things
that never have anything to do with the plot. I think Poe said that if you
have the protagonist pick up a gun he better use it by the end of the story.
Well Ringo never read that advice.

He is still readable but I didn't really get caught up in the story until
past the half way point, it will definitely be more than a trilogy though
since he just leaves all the plot threads hanging in midair at the end of
the book. If I had read the other two books I probably would have liked it
better, I'll see if I can find them.


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> It is a trilogy (so far).  A lot of the action happens in Florida, Georgia
> and along the Appalachins up to Virginia and then shifts to D.C.
> Don't know
> about the Devil Dances since I have not read it yet.  The author
> writes Spec
> Op SF and his a good sense of humor (see bio at his website).  He's
> gathering quite a fandom.
> "...practically impossible not to read in one sitting." - Booklist (the
> magazine for libraries and booksellers and people who want good reviews of
> books.
> Also, it was 30th on the New York Times bestseller list for hardcover
> Fiction for April 2002.
> For a good look-see at the series and another "march" series
> (non-AT listed)
> go to the author's website
> http://www.johnringo.com/index.htm
> William, The Turtle.
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> Subject: [at-l] S-F book set in the southern AT area.
> Any of you s-f fans may want to watch out for John Ringo's _When the Devil
> Dances_. Its a space opera set right in N. Ga and the AT area. I can't say
> it is a very good space opera but it is readable, maybe a 4 on a scale of
> 10. But if you would like to read about battles fought thru
> Franklin NC and
> across the Newfoundland Gap you might like it. It is full of local color.
> Try to find it at the library though rather than buying it.
> Bryan