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[at-l] How did I miss this

There was quite a bit of discussion of the Damascus murder on another list,
but the prevailing sentiment was that the people involved were not hikers
and that it was more of a town crime than a backcountry one.  This point wa=
voiced very loudly by some participating in that thread.  The AT itself
wasn't involved, a point that was made even more loudly.

I am not sure that take was all wrong, even though I think that there are
some political reasons for not wanting the number of "AT" murders to

Personally, I think the Trail is getting safer for thru-hikers.  For a whil=
there, one thru hiker was getting killed for every thousand that made it to
Katahdin.  (A fact that I share simply to illustrate how annoying it is to
hear any suggestion that the Trail might not be any safer than our own
homes, which it probably is).

Rick B

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