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[at-l] Down bags. Again.

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I too am currently looking to buy a new down bag (for fall/winter outings.)=
  This is straight from Backpacker's Gear Guide.....the numerical rating be=
tween 550 and 850 expresses the quality of the down used for fill.  Higher =
numbers mean more loft and more insulation for the same weight, better comp=
ressibility, longer durability, and higher prices (for sure!)
0-9 degree bags appear to have an average rating around 600-650 (a few are =
-1 to -10 appear to have an average rating around 700-750
I also read somewhere to purchase a bag that is 20 degrees below what you t=
hink you will need. Additionally, mummy bags conserve heat.
I'm still researching ......the prices.....ouch!
 "Billie H. Cleek" wrote: What about down quality? Is there such a thing? H=
ow do I tell what the
quality of down in a given bag is?

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 12:05:05AM -0500, I received a message from t. to w=
hich I felt pleasantly compelled to respond by saying:
> length
> width at shoulders and feet
> temperature rating
> water resistant outer layer.
> a life time guaranty would be nice.
> t.
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> What qualities do you look for when considering a down bag?

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